Is the Gem Compatible with a Version of Ruby?

Time and again we run into the same installation problems caused by software incompatibility. We spend lot of time going through forums, github issues and existing documentation of the library. We also discuss with other developers and if we are lucky we finally figure out the solution. What if we had a quick and easy access to tested and reliable data that solves the installation problems? You can now automate and streamline the upstream activities of the development process.

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Optimize Efficiency

Instead of working by trial and error, use accurate data to prevent installation problems in just a few minutes. Plan upgrades in advance to make it smoother and less stressful.

Increase Productivity

By eliminating time wasting compatibility issues you can get more work done and get to market quickly. Overcome difficulty associated with outdated resources, inaccurate and incomplete documentation.

Reduced Cost

By leveraging the tested and reliable data, you can significantly lower development and maintenance costs by reducing the time and resources needed to ship your product.

How it Works

  • Register as a developer to get an API token.
  • Make API calls using the token to get reliable compatibility data.
  • Integrate with your favorite CI/CD tool and spend less time on downstream issues.